Pest and Bug

Pest Removal

Pests can be a problem both inside and outside your home. When you are struggling with exterior pest control in Central New Jersey, turn to the experts at Bug Blasters, Inc. Whether your pests are rodents or insects, we can target the population and safely and effectively remove it, allowing you to once again enjoy your outdoors

Pest Management

The outdoors pose a unique problem for those hoping to live pest-free. Because of breeding patterns and open access, it can be difficult to permanently eliminate pesky rodents and insects. The professionals at Bug Blasters, Inc. offer a number of options for continual pest management. Whether your property requires routine or occasional pest control in Central New Jersey, we can help

Bee and Wasp Removal

If you have a bee or wasp problem, don’t try to deal with it yourself. These pests are difficult to manage and extremely dangerous. Our experts can handle the problem, eliminating the pests at their source and preventing future problems.

Power Washing

Some insects can build their homes along surfaces, making it difficult to fully eliminate the problem. Let us come in and power wash these surfaces. Our tools and techniques are thorough and effective in eliminating stubborn insect infestations.

Gutter Cleaning

Rodents and insects will build their nests inside just about any structure, especially those where they face few threats, such as gutters. Due to the difficulty of reaching and cleaning out these items, their populations can grow out of control. Let us do the dirty work of cleaning out your gutters and eliminating these pest populations.

At Bug Blasters, Inc., we offer thorough bug and rodent control in the great outdoors. Our professionals have the expertise and experience to take on any pest problem and you can be sure we will get the results you need.