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Pest Inspections

If you suspect you might have an infestation, but cannot find the source, leave it to our professionals. Often residents deal with the symptoms of the problem, but are unable to stem what is causing the pest issue. With our superior interior pest control in Central New Jersey, we will identify the source and determine the extent of the problem.


When you have a pest control problem, it can be frustrating trying to eliminate and prevent infestations. Our exterminators are trained in using the safest and most effective methods for targeting your particular pest population and eliminating the issue. Our pest control focuses on the problem at hand as well as long-term solutions.

Real estate inspections

There are a great deal of things to consider when buying or selling a home and pest inspections are just one of them. Rely on our inspectors who will give you a timely, thorough and cost effective solution to your real estate inspection needs.

Termite control

Termite infestations are notoriously difficult to control and when left unattended, these pests can wreak havoc on your home. Bug Blasters, Inc. employs Certified Wood Destroying Insect Inspector and the only professional you should trust to eliminate these destructive pests. If you have a termite problem, don’t delay. We offer affordable and effective methods of eliminating termite populations.

Bed bugs

It may be possible to reduce the bed bug population in your home, but it is virtually impossible to eliminate every bug without the services of a pest management professional. If even one adult female survives, your home could become re-infested. Sleeping in a different room or vacating the structure is not a solution and can make the problem more difficult to eliminate. DIY treatments almost always make a pest problem arose and more expensive in the long run. We will do it right the first time. Don’t lose another night of sleep, call us!

Each year, termites do more damage than fires, floods and storms combined. For a residential exterminator who offers quality results, call Bug Blasters, Inc. at